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Leratung Education

There are several challenges with the conventional system of education.

First of all there is the issue of location. The tutor and the student just have to be on the same continent, same country, same town and same school or place for any kind of learning to take place.

If you get around the problem of location, you still have to deal with challenge of cost.

In the conventional system you will still need to pay lots of money each term or semester to attend a very good school. Even when you get a good school and good teachers you may not always get to study what you want but you will find you will just have to study whatever the school puts out as the curriculum and within subjects, you will find that the teacher will decide which parts of the syllabus you will get to study.

For example, a Literature in English student will find that even if they wish to study Hamlet in the William Shakespeare component of the syllabus, they might not to do so and end up being forced to settle for studying Othello just because that’s what the teacher prefers.

But there’s a solution that gives the student exactly what they want and that solution is an e-learning platform

Leratung Education is act of love as the name suggests- a love to give young and older people the chance to obtain an education.

As a subscription-based online learning platform, Leratung Education aims to avail high quality education to Africans and the world in general everywhere in the comfort of their own homes at the lowest possible cost.

For a very small monthly subscription (there is an option to pay up for the whole year at a discounted rate), Leratung Education will avail educational content to the learner in the word format with a gradual development to include the audio and video formats to ensure a complete learning experience.

Lessons will be presented in the form of daily lessons as would be the case in physical classroom situation and courses in each subject will designed to last a month.

If for example, we have the European History subject, it will be offered in the form of courses modelled on the syllabus.

For example the European History subject will be broken down in courses such as the French Revolution Course, The Napoleonic Era Course, The World Wars Course among others and each of these will run for a month.

Not only will this make the learning smooth and easier, it will enable the student to focus of those aspects of the European History syllabus they want rather be forced to subscribe for what they have no interest in studying.

Furthermore, Leratung Education will offer tuition in several different subjects starting with Advanced Level History and Literature in English courses to meet the requirements of some of the continent’s leading examining boards as well as the popular University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

The Leratung Education website will be designed in such a way to ensure that learning becomes interactive. Students should be able to initiate feedback. There will be registers for students and they should be able to communicate with tutors on the website, through their emails, through extensions to the website on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and WhatsApp platforms among others.

The website is designed in such a way to enable the students to submit their written work including tests and essays which will be marked and returned to them on the website.

The marking will be meaningful with comments and annotations on the scripts in order to show the learners areas requiring improvement.

The website should also be capable of generating certificates and reports on the students at the end of each case which should accurately forecast how well the students would perform if they should sit for an examination in the particular subject with any of the examining boards.

The website is designed in a way that enables the prospective learners to subscribe by paying through internationally recognised platforms. The payment platforms include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Ecocash, Telecash and One Wallet among others.

Once payment has been received, the website should be able to generate a coupon/numbers that the learner will enter for immediate subscription and access to content.

The subscription will automatically expire at the end of 30 days and can be renewed for another 30 day period at a time by making further payments.

In addition to different subjects, Leratung Education will feature a news section which is meant to inform subscribers and potential subscribers about the latest news on courses, offers and anything else related to education.

Leratung Education will also feature sections on Career Guidance and Scholarships among others.

Leratung Education website is also designed in a way which enables video and audio links taken from elsewhere including YouTube to be able to play on the website to save the student the inconvenience of having to go back to those sites to play or access the content.

Leratung Education videos are designed to be played in all regular formats (Adobe Flash, Apple IOS and Android Apps and HTML5) without any loss of quality.

The Leratung Education website is also designed to incorporate videos, e-books for more in-depth knowledge, and question and answer sessions to test retention.